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    • A cloud-enabled small cell architecture in 5G networks for broadcast/multicast services 

      kourtis, Michail-Alexandros; Blanco, Begoña; Pérez Romero, Jordi; Makris, Dimitris; McGrath, Michael J.; Xilouris, George; Munaretto, Daniele; Solozabal, Ruben; Sanchoyerto, Aitor; Giannoulakis, Ioannis; Kafetzakis, Emmanouil; Riccobene, Vincenzo; Jimeno, Elisa; Kourtis, Anastasios; Ferrús Ferré, Ramón Antonio; Liberal, Fidel; Koumaras, Harilaos; Kostopoulos, Alexandros; Chochliouros, Ioannis (2019-06-01)
      Open Access
      The evolution of 5G suggests that communication networks become sufficiently flexible to handle a wide variety of network services from various domains. The virtualization of small cells as envisaged by 5G, allows enhanced ...
    • Introducing mobile edge computing capabilities through distributed 5G Cloud Enabled Small Cells 

      Fajardo, Jose Oscar; Liberal, Fidel; Giannoulakis, Ioannis; Kafetzakis, Emmanouil; Pii, Vincenzo; Trajkovska, Irena; Bohnert, Thomas Michael; Goratti, Leonardo; Riggio, R.; Garcia Lloreda, Javier; Khodashenas, Pouria Sayyad; Paolino, Michele; Bliznakov, Pavel; Pérez Romero, Jordi; Meani, Claudio; Chochliouros, Ioannis; Belesioti, Maria (2016-08)
      Open Access
      Current trends in broadband mobile networks are addressed towards the placement of different capabilities at the edge of the mobile network in a centralised way. On one hand, the split of the eNB between baseband processing ...
    • Service provisioning and pricing methods in a multi-tenant cloud enabled RAN 

      Khodashenas, Pouria S.; Ruiz, Cristina; Ferrer Riera, Jordi; Fajardo, Jose Oscar; Taboada, Ianire; Blanco, Begoña; Liberal, Fidel; García Lloreda, J.; Pérez Romero, Jordi; Sallent Roig, José Oriol; Neokosmidis, Ioannis; Rokkas, Teodoros (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2016)
      Conference lecture
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      The Cloud Enabled Small Cell (CESC) concept proposed in EU funded project SESAME has emerged as a promising solution to form a multi-tenant, multi-service architecture at the network edge according to 5G needs. It allows ...
    • Supporting mission critical services through radio access network slicing 

      Pérez Romero, Jordi; Vilà Muñoz, Irene; Sallent Roig, José Oriol; Blanco, Begoña; Sanchoyerto, Aitor; Solozabal, Ruben; Liberal, Fidel (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2019)
      Conference report
      Open Access
      While the support of Mission Critical (MC) communications on commercial cellular networks has already been incorporated in the latest releases of Long Term Evolution (LTE), it is expected that the network slicing feature ...
    • Technology pillars in the architecture of future 5G mobile networks: NFV, MEC and SDN 

      Blanco, Begoña; Fajardo, Jose Oscar; Giannoulakis, Ioannis; Kafetzakis, Emmanouil; Peng, Shuping; Pérez Romero, Jordi; Trajkovska, Irena; Sayyad Khodashenas, Pouria; Goratti, Leonardo; Paolino, Michele; Sfakianakis, Evangelos; Liberal, Fidel; Xilouris, George (Elsevier, 2017-11-01)
      Open Access
      This paper analyzes current standardization situation of 5G and the role network softwarization plays in order to address the challenges the new generation of mobile networks must face. This paper surveys recent documentation ...