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    • A sustainable technical system for ventilated façades 

      Avellaneda Diaz-Grande, Jaime; González Barroso, José M.; Carbonnel, A.; López, D. (IOS Press, 2007-09)
      Conference report
      Open Access
      This paper studies industrial systems of facades ventilated from market products, detachable and recyclables. Also it assessments the probable durability of the components of the facade, it tracks his service life and ...
    • Fast optical source for quantum key distribution based on semiconductor optical amplifiers 

      Jofre Cruanyes, Marc; Gardelein, Arnaud; Anzolin, Gabriele; Amaya, Waldimar; Capmany, Jose; Ursin, Rupert; Peñate, Laura; López, D.; San Juan, J. L.; Carrasco, J. A.; Garcia, F.; Torcal-Milla, F. J.; Sanchez-Brea, L. M.; Bernabeu, E.; Perdigues Armengol, Josep Maria; Jennewein, Thomas; Torres, Juan P.; Mitchell, Morgan W.; Pruneri, Valerio (2011)
      Open Access
      A novel integrated optical source capable of emitting faint pulses with different polarization states and with different intensity levels at 100 MHz has been developed. The source relies on a single laser diode followed ...
    • Velocity and air concentration in air-water flow: application on a stepped spillway without sidewalls 

      Estrella Toral, Soledad; Sánchez Juny, Martí; Dolz Ripollès, Josep; Ibáñez, R.; Domínguez, M.; Balairón, Luis; López, D. (Associação Portuguesa dos Recursos Hídricos, 2012)
      Conference lecture
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      Until now, hydraulic research of stepped spillways has focused on characterizing aspects as: the different types of flow that occur on the chute, the air inception processes, the potential negative effects associated to ...