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    • A CUDA Fortran GPU-parallelised hydrodynamic tool for high-resolution and long-term eco-hydraulic modelling 

      Sanz Ramos, Marcos; López Gómez, David; Bladé i Castellet, Ernest; Dehghansouraki, Danial (Elsevier, 2023-03)
      Open Access
      Eco-hydraulic models are wide extended tools to assess physical habitat suitability on aquatic environments. Currently, the application of these tools is limited to short river stretches and steady flow simulations. However, ...
    • A probabilistic approach for off-stream reservoir failure flood hazard assessment 

      Sanz Ramos, Marcos; Bladé i Castellet, Ernest; Silva Cancino, Nathalia; Salazar, Fernando; López Gómez, David; Martínez Gomariz, Eduardo (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI), 2023-06-12)
      Open Access
      Off-stream reservoirs are hydraulic structures that might cause severe flood damages in case of failure or improper operation. Their safety regulations usually require hydraulic studies for flood hazard and inundation zone ...
    • Nature based solutions for sediment starved deltas: the Ebro case in the Spanish Mediterranean coast 

      Sánchez-Arcilla Conejo, Agustín; Ibañez, Carles; Gracia García, Vicente; Garrote De marcos, Luis Maria; Cáceres Rabionet, Iván; López Gómez, David; de la Peña Olivas, José Manuel; Caiola, Nuno; Munne, Antoni; Espanya Forcadell, Antoni; Iglesias Picazo, Ana; Rovira, Albert; González Marco, Daniel; Grassa Garrido, José María (World Scientific, 2023)
      Conference report
      Restricted access - publisher's policy
      Deltas in river regulated basins have become coastal vulnerability hotspots, for which traditional coastal engineering does not provide acceptable risk reductions. This is well illustrated by the Ebro delta (W Mediterranean) ...
    • Optimizing sediment transport models by using the Monte Carlo simulation and deep neural network (DNN): A case study of the Riba-Roja reservoir 

      Dehghan-Souraki, Danial; López Gómez, David; Bladé i Castellet, Ernest; Larese De Tetto, Antonia; Sanz Ramos, Marcos (Elsevier, 2024-02)
      Open Access
      This study emphasizes the importance of accurate calibration in sediment transport models and highlights the transformative role of artificial intelligence (AI), specifically machine learning, in improving accuracy and ...