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  • A generic architecture for Demand Response: the All4Green approach 

    Basmadjian, Robert; Lovasz, Gergö; Beck, Michael Till; de Meer, Hermann; Hesselbach Serra, Xavier; Botero Vega, Juan Felipe; Klingert, Sonja; Pérez Ortega, María; López, Juan Carlos; Stam, Andries; van Krevelen, Rick; di Girolamo, marco (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2013)
    Conference report
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    Demand Response is a mechanism used in power grids to manage customers’ power consumption during critical situations (e.g. power shortage). Data centres are good candidates to participate in Demand Response programs due ...
  • Energy and carbon emissions aware services allocation with delay for Data Centers 

    Guillén, Bernat; Hesselbach Serra, Xavier; Muñoz López, Francisco Javier; Klingert, Sonja (2013)
    Conference report
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    This paper presents a new approach to service assignment in Data Centers (DC), relating it to a classical combinatory problem called Bin Packing Problem and adding the possibility of delay and collaboration with users ...
  • Making data centres fit for demand response: introducing GreenSDA and GreenSLA contracts 

    Basmadjian, Robert; Botero Vega, Juan Felipe; Giuliani, Giovanni; Hesselbach Serra, Xavier; Klingert, Sonja; de Meer, Hermann (2016-11-23)
    Open Access
    The power grid has become a critical infrastructure, which modern society cannot do without. It has always been a challenge to keep power supply and demand in balance; the more so with the recent rise of intermittent ...