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  • Weak Disorder: Anomalous Transport and Diffusion Are Normal Yet Again 

    Khoury Arvelo, María José; Lacasta Palacio, Ana María; Sancho, Jose Maria; Lindenberg, Katja (2011-03)
    Open Access
    We carry out a detailed study of the motion of particles driven by a constant external force over a landscape consisting of a periodic potential corrugated by a small amount of spatial disorder. We observe anomalous ...
  • Weak disorder in periodic potentials: anomalous transport and diffusion 

    Lindenberg, Katja; Sancho, Jose Maria; Khoury Arvelo, María José; Lacasta Palacio, Ana María (2012-03-31)
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    Particles driven through a periodic potential by an external constant force are known to exhibit a pronounced peak of the diffusion around the critical deterministic force that defines the transition between locked and ...