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  • Chemically powered micro- and nanomotors 

    Sanchez, Samuel; Soler Turu, Lluís; Katuri, Jaideep (2015-01-26)
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    Chemically powered micro- and nanomotors are small devices that are self-propelled by catalytic reactions in fluids. Taking inspiration from biomotors, scientists are aiming to find the best architecture for self-propulsion, ...
  • Nano and micro architectures for self-propelled motors 

    Parmar, Jemish; Ma, Xing; Katuri, Jaideep; Simmchen, Juliane; Stanton, Morgan M.; Trichet-Paredes, Carolina; Soler Turu, Lluís; Sanchez, Samuel (2015-01-28)
    Open Access
    Self-propelled micromotors are emerging as important tools that help us understand the fundamentals of motion at the microscale and the nanoscale. Development of the motors for various biomedical and environmental applications ...