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    • A superconvergent HDG method for stokes flow with strongly enforced symmetry of the stress tensor 

      Giacomini, Matteo; Karkoulias, Alexandros; Sevilla Cárdenas, Rubén; Huerta, Antonio (2018-12)
      Open Access
      This work proposes a superconvergent hybridizable discontinuous Galerkin (HDG) method for the approximation of the Cauchy formulation of the Stokes equation using same degree of polynomials for the primal and mixed variables. ...
    • A superconvergent hybridisable discontinuous Galerkin method for linear elasticity 

      Sevilla Cárdenas, Rubén; Giacomini, Matteo; Karkoulias, Alexandros; Huerta, Antonio (John Wiley & sons, 2018-10-12)
      Open Access
      The first superconvergent hybridisable discontinuous Galerkin method for linear elastic problems capable of using the same degree of approximation for both the primal and mixed variables is presented. The key feature of ...
    • Adaptive low and high-order hybridized methods for unsteady incompressible flow simulations 

      Karkoulias, Alexandros (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2020-06-17)
      Doctoral thesis
      Open Access
      Covenantee:   Università degli Studi di Pavia
      Simulations of incompressible flows are performed on a daily basis to solve problems of practical and industrial interest in several fields of engineering, including automotive, aeronautical, mechanical and biomedical ...