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    • A hybrid recommender system for improving automatic playlist continuation 

      Gatzioura, Anna; Vinagre, João; Jorge, Alípio Mário; Sànchez-Marrè, Miquel (2021-05-01)
      Open Access
      Although widely used, the majority of current music recommender systems still focus on recommendations’ accuracy, userpreferences and isolated item characteristics, without evaluating other important factors, like the joint ...
    • A study on contextual influences on automatic playlist continuation 

      Gkatzioura, Anna; Sànchez-Marrè, Miquel; Jorge, Alípio Mário (2018)
      Conference lecture
      Open Access
      Recommender systems still mainly base their reasoning on pairwise interactions or information on individual entities, like item attributes or ratings, without properly evaluating the multiple dimensions of the recommendation ...