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    • A simple microstructural viscoelastic model for flowing foams 

      Ibáñez, Rubén; Scheuer, Adrien; Abisset-Chavanne, Emmanuelle; Chinesta, Francisco; Huerta, Antonio; Keunings, Roland (2019-03)
      Open Access
      The numerical modelling of forming processes involving the flow of foams requires taking into account the different problem scales. Thus, in industrial applications a macroscopic approach is suitable, whereas the macroscopic ...
    • Simulating squeeze flows in multiaxial laminates: towards fully 3D mixed formulations 

      Ibáñez, Rubén; Abisset-Chavanne, Emmanuelle; Chinesta, Francisco; Huerta, Antonio (2017-10)
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      Thermoplastic composites are widely considered in structural parts. In this paper attention is paid to squeeze flow of continuous fiber laminates. In the case of unidirectional prepregs, the ply constitutive equation is ...