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  • Concertina: Squeezing in cache content to operate at near-threshold voltage 

    Ferrerón, Alexandra; Suárez Gracia, Darío; Alastruey, Jesús; Monreal Arnal, Teresa; Ibáñez, Pablo (2016-03-01)
    Open Access
    Scaling supply voltage to values near the threshold voltage allows a dramatic decrease in the power consumption of processors; however, the lower the voltage, the higher the sensitivity to process variation, and, hence, ...
  • Filtering directory lookups in CMPs 

    Bosque, Ana; Viñals Yufera, Víctor; Ibáñez, Pablo; Llaberia Griñó, José M. (2010)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    Coherence protocols consume an important fraction of power to determine which coherence action should take place. In this paper we focus on CMPs with a shared cache and a directory-based coherence protocol implemented as ...