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    • Compatible Paths on Labelled Point Sets 

      Arseneva, Elena; Bahoo, Yeganeh; Biniaz, Ahmad; Cano Vila, María del Pilar; Chanchary, Farah; Iacono, John; Jain, Kshitij; Lubiw, Anna; Mondal, Debajyoti; Sheikhan, Khadijeh; D. Thót, Csaba (2019)
      Conference report
      Open Access
      Let P and Q be finite point sets of the same cardinality in R 2 , each labelled from 1 to n. Two noncrossing geometric graphs GP and GQ spanning P and Q, respectively, are called compatible if for every face f in GP , there ...
    • Necklaces, convolutions, and X plus Y 

      Bremner, David; Chan, Timothy M.; Demaine, Erik D.; Erickson, Jeff; Hurtado Díaz, Fernando Alfredo; Iacono, John; Langerman, Stefan; Patrascu, Mihai; Taslakian, Perouz (2014-06-01)
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      We give subquadratic algorithms that, given two necklaces each with n beads at arbitrary positions, compute the optimal rotation of the necklaces to best align the beads. Here alignment is measured according to the ℓ p ...