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  • WMO world record lightning extremes: longest reported flash distance and longest reported flash duration 

    Lang, Timothy J.; Pédeboy, Stéphane; Rison, William; Montañá Puig, Juan; Cerveny, Randall S.; Chauzy, Serge; MacGorman, Donald R.; Holle, Ronald L.; Ávila, Eldo; Zhang, Yijun; Carbin, Gregory; Mansell, Edward R.; Kuleshov, Yuriy; Peterson, Thomas C.; Brunet, Manola; Driouech, Fatima; Krahenbuhl, Daniel S. (2016-09-16)
    Open Access
    A World Meteorological Organization weather and climate extremes committee has judged that the world’s longest reported distance for a single lightning flash occurred with a horizontal distance of 321 km (199.5 mi) over ...