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  • Capacity, damage and fragility models for steel buildings: a probabilistic approach 

    Díaz-Alvarado, S.A.; Pujades Beneit, Lluís; Barbat Barbat, Horia Alejandro; Hidalgo Leiva, D.A.; Vargas Alzate, Yeudy Felipe (2018-03)
    Open Access
    Recently proposed capacity-based damage indices and parametric models for capacity curves are applied to frame steel buildings located in soft soils of the Mexico City. To do that, the seismic performance of 2D models of ...
  • Directionality models from ground motions of Italy 

    Pinzón, Luis A.; Pujades Beneit, Lluís; Hidalgo Leiva, D.A.; Díaz, Sergio Alberto (2018-09)
    Restricted access - publisher's policy
    Directionality effects on the expected strong ground motion in Italy are investigated. After a brief description of the directionality effect and the intensity measures involved, a wide Italian database of strong ground ...