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  • Multisite exchange-enhanced barocaloric response in Mn3NiN 

    Boldrin, David; Mendive-Tapia, Eduardo; Zemen, Jan; B. Staunton, Julie; Hansen, Thomas C.; Aznar Luque, Araceli; Tamarit Mur, José Luis; Barrio Casado, María del; Lloveras Muntané, Pol Marcel; Kim, Jiyeob; Moya, Xavier; Cohen, Leslie (2018-11-28)
    Open Access
  • Structural aspects of glass-formation in Ni-Nb melts 

    Holland Moritz, Dirk; Yang, F.; Gegner, Jan; Hansen, Thomas C.; Ruíz Martín, María Dolores; Meyer, A. (American Institute of Physics (AIP), 2014-05-28)
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    We report on investigations of the static structure factors of glass-forming Ni59.5Nb40.5 alloy melts by combination of the containerless processing technique of electrostatic levitation with neutron diffraction. By ...