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    • A complex storm system in Saturn's north polar atmosphere in 2018 

      Sánchez Lavega, Agustín; García Melendo, Enrique José; Legarreta, Jon J.; Hueso, Ricardo; del Rio Gaztelurrutia, Teresa; Sanz-Requena, Jose Francisco; Pérez Hoyos, Santiago; Simon, Amy A.; Wong, Michael; Soria Guerrero, Manel; Gómez Forrellad, Josep Maria; Barry, Trevor; Delcroix, Marc; Sayanagi, Kunio; Blalock, J; Gunnarson, J. L.; Dyudina, Uliana; Ewald, S. (Springer Nature, 2019-10-21)
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      Saturn’s convective storms usually fall in two categories. One consists of mid-sized storms ~2,000¿km wide, appearing as irregular bright cloud systems that evolve rapidly, on scales of a few days. The other includes the ...
    • Saturn atmospheric dynamics one year after Cassini: Long-lived features and time variations in the drift of the Hexagon 

      Hueso, Ricardo; Sánchez Lavega, Agustín; Rojas, Jose Félix; Simon, Amy A.; Barry, Trevor; del Rio Gaztelurrutia, Teresa; Antuñano, Arrate; Sayanagi, Kunio; Delcroix, M.; Fletcher, Leigh N.; García Melendo, Enrique José; Pérez Hoyos, Santiago; Blalock, J; Colas, Françoise; Gómez Forrellad, Josep Maria; Gunnarson, J. L.; Peach, D.; Wong, Michael (2020-01-15)
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      We examine Saturn's atmospheric dynamics with observations in the visible range from ground-based telescopes and Hubble Space Telescope (HST). We present a detailed analysis of observations acquired during 2018 obtaining ...