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  • Design and implementation of a microelectrode assembly for use on noncontact in situ electroporation of adherent cells 

    García Sánchez, Tomás; Sanchez Ortiz, Beatriz; Vila, Ingrid; Guitart, M.; Rosell Ferrer, Francisco Javier; Gomez Foix, Anna Maria; Bragós Bardia, Ramon (2012-10)
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    In situ electroporation of adherent cells provides significant advantages with respect to electroporation systems for suspension cells, such as causing minimal stress to cultured cells and simplifying and saving several ...
  • Research Letter: is neuroticism a risk factor for postpartum depression? 

    Mayoral, F; Martín-Santos, Rocío; Gelabert, Estel; Subirà, S.; Gutierrez-Zotes, A; Langohr, Klaus; Jover, M.; Torrens, Marta; Guillamat, R; Vilella, E.; de Frutos, R.; Roca, M.; Guitart, M.; Navinés, Ricard; Gornemann, I.; Costas, J.; Gratacos, Mònica; Iborra, J.L.; Canellas, F; Valdés, M.; García Esteve, L.; Sanjuan, S. (2012-04-16)
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    Although the relationship between personality and depressive illness is complex (Shea, 2005), there is empirical evidence that some personality features such as neuroticism, harm avoidance, introversion, dependency, ...