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    • 5GCroCo Barcelona trial site for cross-border anticipated cooperative collision avoidance 

      Vazquez-Gallego, Francisco; Casellas Gordillo, Rosa Maria; Vilalta Cañellas, Ricard; Sedar, Mohottige Roshan Madhusanka; Alemany Prats, Pol; Martínez Sevillano, Rubén; Alonso Zárate, Jesús; Moscatelli, Francesca; Guilhot, Denis; Echarri, José Miguel; Dizambourg, Laurent (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2020)
      Conference report
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      Cooperative, connected and automated mobility (CCAM) services along different countries require cross-border solutions to support seamless delivery of services in a multioperator, multi-telco-vendor, and multi-car-manufacturer ...
    • Functionalized Transparent Surfaces with Enhanced Self-Cleaning against Ink Aerosol Contamination 

      Noyan, Mehmet A.; Guilhot, Denis; Pruneri, Valerio (Wiley, 2016-10-26)
      Open Access
      During operation of a standard commercial inkjet printer, suspended ink particles form an ink aerosol inside the printing chamber that can cause serious malfunctions, including contamination of the transparent window of ...
    • mF2C: Towards a coordinated management of the IoT-fof-cloud continuum 

      Masip Bruin, Xavier; Marín Tordera, Eva; Juan Ferrer, Ana; Queralt Calafat, Anna; Jukan, Admela; García Almiñana, Jordi; Lezzi, Daniele; Jensen, Jens; Cordeiro, Cristovao; Leckey, Alexander; Salis, Antonio; Guilhot, Denis; Cankar, Matic (ACM, 2018)
      Conference report
      Open Access
      Fog computing enables location dependent resource allocation and low latency services, while fostering novel market and business opportunities in the cloud sector. Aligned to this trend, we refer to Fog-tocloud (F2C) ...