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  • Effective silver assited welding of YBCO blocks: mechanical versus electrical properties 

    Bartolomé, E.; Roa Rovira, Joan Josep; Bozzo, Bernat; Segarra, M.; Granados, Xavier (2010-04-05)
    Open Access
    Superconducting welding of bulk YBCO is a key technology allowing the fabrication of large, complex-shaped pieces for applications such as levitation, bearings or large magnets. Ideally, the electrical and mechanical ...
  • Extended magnetization of superconducting pellets in highly inhomogeneous magnetic field 

    Maynou Gil, Roger; López López, José; Granados, Xavier; Torres Cámara, Ricardo; Bosch Tous, Ricardo (2011)
    Conference lecture
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    The magnetization of superconducting pellets is a worth point in the development of trapped flux superconducting motors. Experimental and simulated data have been reported extensively according to the framework of one or ...
  • Grid impact analysis of a HTSC cable by using an enhanced conventional simulator 

    del Rosario Calaf, Gerard; Sumper, Andreas; Granados, Xavier; Sudrià Andreu, Antoni (2010)
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    Conventional simulators for power system studies do not include the new superconducting (SC) elements in order to perform analysis of their behaviour on the grid, however these simulators allow users to include external ...
  • High temperature transformation of electrospun BaZrO3 nanotubes into nanoparticle chains 

    Obradors i Berenguer, Francesc Xavier; Puig Molina, Teresa; Tornero García, José Antonio; Cano Casas, Francesc; Calleja, Albert; Granados, Xavier; Ricart, Susana; Oro, Judith; Arbiol, Jordi; Mestres, Narcís; Carrillo, Ana Esther; Palmer, Xavier (2011-12)
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  • Two Examples of Efficient Superconducting Cable Applications 

    Romenade, Olivier; Granados, Xavier; Casals Torrens, Pau; Obradors i Berenguer, Francesc Xavier; Cascante, Santiago; Puig Molina, Teresa (2009-09)
    Conference report
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    Within the scope of the Supercable project granted by ENDESA, we have study some possible applications of the superconducting cable on linking of sub-stations. One of them considers the possibility to link two sub-stations ...