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    • Robust aerodynamic design optimisation of morphing aerofoil/wing using distributed MOGA 

      Lee, D.S.; Gonzalez, L.F.; Periaux, Jacques; Oñate Ibáñez de Navarra, Eugenio (International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences (ICAS), 2012)
      Conference report
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      In this paper, the shape design optimisation using morphing aerofoil/wing techniques, namely the leading and/or trailing edge deformation of a natural laminar flow RAE 5243 aerofoil is investigated to reduce transonic ...
    • Shock control bump design optimization on natural laminar aerofoil 

      Lee, D.S.; Periaux, Jacques; Srinivas, K.; Gonzalez, L.F.; Qin, N.; Oñate Ibáñez de Navarra, Eugenio (Springer-Verlag, 2011)
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      The paper investigates Shock Control Bumps (SCB) on a Natural Laminar Flow (NLF) aerofoil; RAE 5243 for Active Flow Control (AFC). A SCB approach is used to decelerate supersonic flow on the suction/pressure sides of ...