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    • Development of a wind energy climate service based on seasonal climate prediction 

      Torralba, Verónica; Jiménez, Isadora; Lledó, Llorenç; González-Reviriego, Nube; Soret, Albert; Doblas-Reyes, Francisco (Barcelona Supercomputing Center, 2015-05-05)
      Conference report
      Open Access
      Climate predictions tailored to the wind energy sector represent an innovation to better understand the future variability of wind energy resources. In this work an illustration of the downstream impact of the forecasts ...
    • State-of-the-art climate predictions for energy climate services 

      Torralba, Verónica; Davis, Melanie; Doblas-Reyes, Francisco; González-Reviriego, Nube (Barcelona Supercomputing Center, 2015-05-05)
      Conference report
      Open Access
      Seasonal predictions of 10-m wind speed can be used by the wind energy sector in a number of decision making processes. Two different techniques of post-processing are applied in order to correct the unavoidable systematic ...
    • Sub-seasonal to seasonal climate predictions for wind energy forecasting 

      Soret, Albert; Torralba, Verónica; Cortesi, Nicola; Christel, I.; Palma, Ll.; Manrique-Suñén, A.; Lledó, Llorenç; González-Reviriego, Nube; Doblas-Reyes, Francisco (IOP Publishing, 2019-05)
      Open Access
      Both renewable energy supply and electricity demand are strongly influenced by meteorological conditions and their evolution over time in terms of climate variability and climate change. However, knowledge of power output ...
    • Weather regimes as a tool to validate seasonal forecasts 

      Cortesi, Nicola; Lee, Doo Young; Torralba, Verónica; González-Reviriego, Nube; Soret, Albert; Lledó, Llorenç; Bretonnière, Pierre A.; Doblas-Reyes, Francisco (2016-09-12)
      Conference lecture
      Open Access