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  • Reducing spray drift by adapting the spraying equipment to the canopy shape in olive orchards with isolated trees 

    Miranda Fuentes, Antonio; Cuenca, Andrés; Godoy Nieto, Alberto; González Sánchez, Emilio J; Gil Moya, Emilio; LLorens, J.; Gil Ribes, Jesús A. (2018)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    The lack of specificity of the spraying equipment commonly used in olive orchards is a remarkable problem, for not allowing farmers to apply adjusted pesticide doses to their trees, making necessary to spray very high ...
  • Towards an optimized method of olive tree crown volume measurement 

    Miranda Fuentes, Antonio; Llorens Calveras, Jordi; Gamarra Diezma, Juan Luis; Gil Ribes, Jesús A.; Gil Moya, Emilio (2015-02-04)
    Open Access
    Accurate crown characterization of large isolated olive trees is vital for adjusting spray doses in three-dimensional crop agriculture. Among the many methodologies available, laser sensors have proved to be the most ...