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  • Hybrid chitosan-silver nanoparticles enzymatically-embedded on cork filter material for water disinfection 

    Garcia Peña, Lina Vanesa; Petkova, Petya; Margalef-Marti, Rosanna; Vives, Marc; Aguilar, Lorena; Gallegos, Angel; Francesko, Antonio; Perelshtein, Ilana; Gedanken, Aharon; Mendoza Gómez, Ernesto; Casas-Zapata, Juan Carlos; Morató Farreras, Jordi; Tzanov, Tzanko (2017-04-05)
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    Microbial contamination remains a major challenge in supply of drinking water in developing regions, despite the continuous advances being made in water purification processes. The spread and transmission of pathogens due ...