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  • Textural and mineral-chemistry constraints on columbite-group minerals in the Penouta deposit: evidence from magmatic and fluid-related processes 

    Alfonso Abella, María Pura; Hamid, Sarbast; García-Vallès, Maite; Llorens González, Teresa; López Moro, Francisco Javier; Tomasa Guix, Oriol; Calvo Torralba, Daniel; Guasch Cascallo, Eduard; Anticoi Sudzuki, Hernán Francisco; Oliva Moncunill, Josep; Parcerisa Duocastella, David; García Polonio, Francisco (2018-05)
    Open Access
    The Penouta Sn-Ta deposit, in the northwest of Spain, is a greisenized granitic cupola where Ta minerals occur mainly as disseminations in a leucogranite body intruded in Precambrian–Lower Cambrian gneisses and mica-schists. ...