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    • EU-Rent car rentals specification 

      Frias, Leonor; Queralt Calafat, Anna; Olivé Ramon, Antoni (2003-12)
      External research report
      Open Access
      EU-Rent is a widely known case study being promoted as a basis for demonstration of product capabilities. However, no in-depth case analysis neither specification has been developed. Therefore, it was considered ...
    • Phylogenomics identifies an ancestral burst of gene duplications predating the diversification of aphidomorpha 

      Julca, Irene; Marcet-Houben, Marina; Cruz, Fernando; Vargas-Chavez, Carlos; Johnston, John Spencer; Gómez-Garrido, Jèssica; Frias, Leonor; Corvelo, André; Loska, Damian; Cámara, Francisco; Gut, Marta; Alioto, Tyler; Latorre, Amparo; Gabaldon, Toni (Oxford University Press (OUP), 2020-03)
      Open Access
      Large-scale gene duplication, including whole-genome duplication (WGD), is a very common phenomenon in eukaryotic genomes. Bursts of gene duplications are considered a major source of evolutionary innovation and have been ...