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    • Biologically inspired computation for chemical sensing 

      Fonollosa, Jordi; Gutierrez-Galvez, Agustin; Lansner, Anders; Martinez, Dominique; Rospars, Jean Piere; Beccherelli, Romeo; Perera Lluna, Alexandre; Pearce, Tim; Vershure, Paul; Persaud, K.; Marco Colás, Santiago (Elsevier, 2011-09-05)
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    • Data set from gas sensor array under flow modulation 

      Ziyatdinov, Andrey; Fonollosa, Jordi; Fernández Romero, Lluís; Gutierrez Galvez, Agustín; Marco Colás, Santiago; Perera Lluna, Alexandre (Elsevier, 2015-06-30)
      Open Access
      Recent studies in neuroscience suggest that sniffing, namely sampling odors actively, plays an important role in olfactory system, especially in certain scenarios such as novel odorant detection. While the computational ...