• Configuration management for e-services: A lesson learned in a R&D center 

    Ferruzca, Marco; Fernández Sánchez, Joaquín; Monguet Fierro, José María; Alpiste Penalba, Francesc; Brigos Hermida, Miguel Ángel; Sampieri, Mónica; Castelán Maldonado, Edgar (2016-01)
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    Configuration Management is a discipline which includes all activities related to the products evolution management throughout their life cycle. This requires identifying, organizing and controlling the product changes ...
  • E-Health business models prototyping by incremental design 

    Monguet Fierro, José María; Huerta, Eduardo; Fernández Sánchez, Joaquín; Ferruzca, Marco (igi-global, 2013-01-07)
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    User-Driven Healthcare: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications provides a global discussion on the practice of user-driven learning in healthcare and connected disciplines and its influence on learning through ...
  • Support to the process of online tutoring through a personalized learning environment 

    Monguet Fierro, José María; Arrizabalaga, Pilar; Blanco, Berenice; Ferruzca, Marco (2010)
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    Introduction: This paper deals with the key elements that should be included in a personalized learning environment (PLE) to assist tutors in the effective development of online tutoring. Materials and methods: Key ...
  • Team equilibrium and innovation performance 

    Ferruzca, Marco; Monguet Fierro, José María; Trejo Omeñaca, Alejandro (Curran, 2013)
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    Today competition has increased between organizations and they are urged to improve constantly their performance throughout innovation if they want to survive and be profitable. However, an organization can't be innovative ...