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    • CBIR - Content based information retrieval in Optical Biopsies 

      Tous Liesa, Rubén; Ferrer-Roca, Olga; Delgado Mercè, Jaime (2010)
      Conference report
      Restricted access - publisher's policy
      The present paper describes the design and usage of an Internet medical image search engine based on the queryby-example paradigm and the multimedia standard ISO-15938-12:2008. The system, which allows combining Content ...
    • Pre-treatment of Llobregat River raw water through pressurised inside/out hollow fibre ultrafiltration membranes 

      Ferrer-Roca, Olga; Serrallach, Xavier; Horvath, Ferry; Mesa Fernandez, Jose; Gilbert Agullo, Oriol; Bernat Camí, Xavier (2013)
      Restricted access - publisher's policy
      The feasibility of raw river direct ultrafiltration, as an alternative to conventional drinking water treatment plant pre-treatment, was investigated at prototype scale (May–October 2011). A highly variable and challenging ...
    • Query by image medical training: optical biopsy with confocal endoscopy (OB-CEM) 

      Ferrer-Roca, Olga; Duval, Vinicius; Delgado Mercè, Jaime; Rolim, Claudio; Tous Liesa, Rubén (2010)
      Conference report
      Open Access
      The use of Optical Biopsies-OB (in the present case Confocal endomicroscopy-CEM) is limited due to difficulties to interpret images. The OB-CEM are taken by endoscopists, not trained in microscopic morphology which is ...