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    • Beachgoer perceptions on health regulations of COVID-19 in two popular beaches on the Brazilian Amazon 

      Cajueiro Carneiro Pereira, Luci; de Sousa-Felix, Rosigleyse Corrêa; Brito Dias, Ana Beatriz; Coelho Pessoa, Rubem Manoel; Ribeiro Padilha da Silva, Brenda; da Costa Baldez, Carlos Alessandro; da Costa, Rauquírio Marinho; Sousa da Silva, Taynara; Ferreira da Silva Assis, Luciane; Jiménez Quintana, José Antonio (2021-06)
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      The sandy beaches of the Brazilian Amazon coast have enormous touristic potential and attract thousands of visitors each year, principally in July, at the beginning of the summer vacation period. In 2020, beach going was ...
    • Development of biodegradable, cellulose-based, essential oil and chitosan drug delivery systems for cosmetic mask applications 

      Moreira Moreira, Joana; Lopes, Catarina; Lis Arias, Manuel José; Ferreira da Silva Assis, Luciane; Curto, Joana M.R. (2022-08-10)
      Open Access
      The goal of this research was the development of cellulose-based biodegradable drug delivery systems solutions for cosmetic mask applications. Cellulose-based materials derived from natural renewable sources provide a ...