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    • D21.1 - Description of EuWIn@CTTC technical facilities and interfaces, and preliminary plan of activities 

      Payaró, Miquel; Bertzoudis, Nikolaos; Fernández, Carlos; Closas, Pau; Arribas, Javier; Verdone, Roberto; Gezici, Sinan; Umbert Juliana, Anna; Oestges, Claude; Kryszkiewicz, Pawel; Kaltenberger, Florian; Dardari, Davide (2013-04)
      Research report
      Open Access
      The nature of this deliverable of WP2.1 (“Radio interfaces for next-generation wireless systems”) is mainly descriptive; it introduces the EuWIn lab at large, providing detailed descriptions about its three sites (CTTC, ...
    • Molecular simulations of surfactant adsorption on Iron oxide from hydrocarbon solvents 

      Navarro Acero, Pablo; Mohr, Stephan; Bernabei, Marco; Fernández, Carlos; Domínguez, Beatriz; Ewen, James (American Chemical Society, 2021-12)
      Open Access
      The performance of organic friction modifiers (OFMs) depends on their ability to adsorb onto surfaces and form protective monolayers. Understanding the relationship between OFM concentration in the base oil and the resulting ...