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    • Algebraic simplification in computer algebra: an analysis of bottom-up algorithms 

      Cases Muñoz, Rafael; Fernández Camacho, María Inés; Steyaert, Jean-Marc (1988)
      Research report
      Open Access
      We consider a class of simplification algorithms for algebraic and logical expressions which are of systematic use in Computer Algebra systems. This class is basically characterized by the fact that algorithms operate in ...
    • Tamaño medio de árboles simplificados 

      Fernández Camacho, María Inés (Universitat Politècnica de Barcelona. Centre de Càlcul, 1987)
      Open Access
      We have studied the average and the variance of the size of simplified trees obtained by simplifying a random tree, for both families of p-ary and general trees. But the most interesting fact in these paper is the methodology ...