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  • Containing timing-related certification cost in automotive systems deploying complex hardware 

    Kosmidis, Leonidas; Quiñones, Eduardo; Abella Ferrer, Jaume; Farrall, Glenn; Wartel, Franck; Cazorla Almeida, Francisco Javier (Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), 2014)
    Conference report
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    Measurement-Based Probabilistic Timing Analysis (MBPTA) techniques simplify deriving tight and trustworthy WCET estimates for industrial-size programs running on complex processors. MBPTA poses some requirements on the ...
  • PROXIMA: Improving Measurement-Based Timing Analysis through Randomisation and Probabilistic Analysis 

    Cazorla, Francisco J.; Abella Ferrer, Jaume; Andersson, Jan; Vardanega, Tullio; Vatrinet, Francis; Bate, Iain; Broster, Ian; Azkarate-askasua, Mikel; Wartel, Franck; Cucu, Liliana; Cros, Fabrice; Farrall, Glenn; Gogonel, Adriana; Gianarro, Andrea; Triquet, Benoit; Hernandez, Carles; Lo, Code; Maxim, Cristian; Morales, David; Quiñones, Eduardo; Mezzetti, Enrico; Kosmidis, Leonidas; Aguirre, Irune; Fernandez, Mikel; Slijepcevic, Mladen; Conmy, Philippa; Talaboulma, Walid (IEEE, 2016-08-31)
    Conference lecture
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    The use of increasingly complex hardware and software platforms in response to the ever rising performance demands of modern real-time systems complicates the verification and validation of their timing behaviour, which ...