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  • Solution-growth and optoelectronic properties of ZnO:Cl@ZnS core-shell nanowires with tunable shell thickness 

    Fan, Jiandong; Fábrega, Cristian; Zamani, Reza; Shavel, Alexey; Güell, Frank; Carrete, Alex; Andreu, Teresa; López Martínez, Antonio Miguel; Morante Lleonart, Joan Ramon; Arbiol, Jordi; Cabota, Andreu (2013-04-05)
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    Arrays of vertically aligned ZnO:Cl@ZnS core–shell nanowires (NWs) were grown by a facile low-cost, high-yield and seed-free two-step process. These NWs were used to demonstrate the potential of 3D electrodes based on ...