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  • Anàlisi del comportament de la incidència de la malària al Parc Natural de Jaú (Amazones, Brasil) 

    Isidro Haldón, David (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2019-09-04)
    Bachelor thesis
    Open Access
    Malaria or paludism is a life-threatening disease caused by parasites that are transmitted to humans by the bite of infected female mosquitoes of the Anopheles genus. It is a preventable and curable disease. The main method ...
  • Epidemic spreading in complex networks with degree correlations 

    Boguñá, Marian; Pastor Satorras, Romualdo; Vespignani, Alessandro (2003)
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    We review the behavior of epidemic spreading on complex networks in which there are explicit correlations among the degrees of connected vertices.
  • Global epidemic spreading processes in coupled networks 

    Saumell Mendiola, Anna (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2011-09-22)
    Master thesis
    Open Access
    English: We study the effect of coupling two random networks where an epidemic process propagates. A theoretical SIS model is applied and a new critical threshold for the existence of an endemic state is analytically ...
  • Predicting seasonal influenza transmission using functional regression models with temporal dependence 

    Oviedo de la Fuente, Manuel; Febrero Bande, Manuel; Muñoz Gracia, María del Pilar; Domínguez García, Angela (2018-04-25)
    Open Access
    This paper proposes a novel approach that uses meteorological information to predict the incidence of influenza in Galicia (Spain). It extends the Generalized Least Squares (GLS) methods in the multivariate framework to ...