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    • Automatic fish counting from underwater video images: performance estimation and evaluation 

      Marini, S.; Azzurro, E.; Coco, S.; Río Fernandez, Joaquín del; Enguídanos, S.; Fanelli, E.; Nogueras Cervera, Marc; Sbragaglia, Valerio; Toma, Daniel; Aguzzi, Jacopo (SARTI, 2016)
      Conference lecture
      Open Access
      Cabled observatories offer new opportunities to monitor species abundances at frequencies and durations never attained before. When nodes bear cameras, these may be transformed into the first sensor capable of quantifying ...
    • Video monitoring of Sparidae temporal rhythms: three-year study by OBSEA cabled observatory 

      Coco, Salvatore; Sbragaglia, Valerio; Fanelli, Emmanuela; Azzurro, Ernesto; Marini, Simone; Enguídanos, S.; Río Fernandez, Joaquín del; Nogueras Cervera, Marc; Toma, Daniel; Ponti, M.; Aguzzi, Jacopo (2016)
      Conference report
      Open Access
      The abundance and composition of fish assemblages varies at different temporal scales as a product of diel and annual rhythms. In this study, we used a video-wired observatory (OBSEA, to monitor annual rhythms ...