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  • Evidence of intrinsic ambipolar charge transport in a high band gap organic semiconductor 

    Moreno Sierra, César; Pfattner, Raphael; Mas Torrent, Marta; Puigdollers i González, Joaquim; Bromley, Stephan; Rovira, Concepció; Alcubilla González, Ramón; Veciana, Jaume (2011-11-16)
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    Theoretical and experimental investigations combining in situ Kelvin probe microscopy (KPM) and macroscopic electrical studies are employed to explore the intrinsic transport in dithiophene-tetrathiafulvalene (DT-TTF) ...
  • Material flow analysis of special metals (In, Ga) in production and recycling of electrical and electronic equipments 

    Batlle Creixell, Ignacio (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2009)
    Master thesis (pre-Bologna period)
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    Life cycle analysis of the Indium and Gallium. Natural resoureces management and its geopolitical situation. Also analyzed the companies that extract and process these materials. Determination of the extraction process, ...
  • Materials elèctrics i electrònics 

    Baile Puig, Maria Teresa (Edicions UPC, 1996)
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    L'objectiu principal d'aquesta obra és facilitar als alumnes d'enginyeria una introducció en el camp dels materials elèctrics i electrònics, classificats per la seva funcionalitat. El llibre s'ha desenvolupat de forma que ...
  • Microstructutal effects of strain aging on NiTi pseudoelastic wires by synchrotron X-ray micro-diffraction 

    Isalgué Buxeda, Antonio; Auguet Sangrá, Carlota E.; Concustell, Amadeu; Cinca i Luis, Núria (EDP Sciences, 2015-12)
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    Strain aging of NiTi wires and its structural consequences are studied by Synchrotron X-ray micro-diffraction
  • Restraints in low dimensional organic semiconductor devices at high current densities 

    Pfattner, Raphael; Moreno Sierra, César; Voz Sánchez, Cristóbal; Alcubilla González, Ramón; Rovira, Concepció; Puigdollers i González, Joaquim; Mas Torrent, Marta (2014-01)
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    The understanding of the charge carrier transport in electronic materials is of crucial interest for the design of efficient devices including especially the restraints that arise from device miniaturization. In this work ...
  • Statistical lifetime analysis of memristive crossbar matrix 

    Pouyan, Peyman; Amat, Esteve; Rubio Sola, Jose Antonio (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2015)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    Memristors are considered one of the most favorable emerging device alternatives for future memory technologies. They are attracting great attention recently, due to their high scalability and compatibility with CMOS ...