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  • Bayes linear spaces 

    Van den Boogaart, Karl Gerald; Egozcue, Juan José; Pawlowsky Glahn, Vera (Institut d'Estadística de Catalunya, 2010)
    Open Access
    Linear spaces consisting of -finite probability measures and infinite measures (improper priors and likelihood functions) are defined. The commutative group operation, called perturbation, is the updating given by Bayes ...
  • Development of air quality indexes using compositional approach 

    Jarauta Bragulat, Eusebio; Egozcue, Juan José; Hervada Sala, Carme; Gibergans Bàguena, José (2015)
    Conference lecture
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    A compositional approach to air quality index (AQI) based on a log-contrast of pollutants over non-polluted air fraction was recently developed. This approach let to three open questions about consistency and formalization ...