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  • Tempo-Mini: A Custom-designed instrument for real-time monitpring of hydrothermal vent ecosystems 

    Auffret, Yves; Coail, Jean-Yves; Delauney, Laurent; Legran, Julien; Dupont, Jacky; Dussud, Loic; Guyader, Gérard; Ferrant, Anthony; Barbot, Stéphane; Laes, Agathe; Bucas, Karen; Sarrazin, Jozée; Sarradin, Pierre Marie (SARTI (Technological Development Centre of Remote Acquisition and Data processing Systems), 2010-03-04)
    Open Access
    TEMPO-Mini is a new custom-designed instrument package created by IFREMER for real-time monitoring of hydrothermal faunal assemblages.