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    • Developing an aquaponics system to learn sustainability and social compromise skills 

      Duarte, Abel José; Malheiro, Benedita; Castro Ribeiro, Cristina; Silva, Manuel Fernando; Ferreira, Paulo; Guedes, Pedro (OmniaScience, 2015-12)
      Open Access
      The goal of this project, one of the proposals of the EPS@ISEP Spring 2014, was to develop an Aquaponics System. Over recent years Aquaponics systems have received increased attention since they contribute to reduce the ...
    • Engineering education for sustainable development: The European Project Semester approach 

      Duarte, Abel José; Malheiro, Benedita; Arnó Macià, Elisabet; Perat Benavides, Josep Ignasi (2019-07-16)
      Restricted access - publisher's policy
      Contribution: An analysis of the extent to which sustainability is present in the syllabi, project briefs, report templates, and student final reports of the three Iberian European project semester (EPS) providers, over a ...