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    • Dynamic resource allocation for efficient parallel CFD simulations 

      Houzeaux, Guillaume; Badia Sala, Rosa Maria; Borrell Pol, Ricard; Dosimont, Damien; Ejarque Artigas, Jorge; García Gasulla, Dario; López Herrero, Víctor (Elsevier, 2022-09-15)
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      CFD users of supercomputers usually resort to rule-of-thumb methods to select the number of subdomains (partitions) when relying on MPI-based parallelization. One common approach is to set a minimum number of elements or ...
    • Heterogeneous CPU/GPU co-execution of CFD simulations on the POWER9 architecture: Application to airplane aerodynamics 

      Borrell, Ricard; Dosimont, Damien; Garcia Gasulla, Marta; Houzeaux, Guillaume; Lehmkuhl Barba, Oriol; Mehta, Vishal; Owen, Herbert; Vázquez, Mariano; Oyarzun Altamirano, Guillermo (Elsevier, 2020-06)
      Open Access
      High fidelity Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations are generally associated with large computing requirements, which are progressively acute with each new generation of supercomputers. However, significant research ...
    • Parallel SFC-based mesh partitioning and load balancing 

      Borrell Pol, Ricard; Oyarzun Altamirano, Guillermo; Dosimont, Damien; Houzeaux, Guillaume (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2019)
      Conference lecture
      Open Access
      Modern supercomputers allow the simulation of complex phenomena with increased accuracy. Eventually, this requires finer geometric discretizations with larger numbers of mesh elements. In this context, and extrapolating ...