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    • Demolished concretes recycling by the use of pneumatic jigs 

      Hoffmann Sampaio, Carlos; Cazacliu, Bogdan G.; Ambrós, Weslei Monteiro; Kronbauer, Márcio André; Tubino, Rejane Maria Candiota; Dal Molin, Denise C. C.; Oliva Moncunill, Josep; Miltzarek, Gérson L.; Waskow, Regis P.; Dos Santos, Viviane L. G. (2020-01-01)
      Open Access
      Large quantities of construction and demolition waste is generated annually around the world. Part of this material is processed in recycling plants. After removing metals, fines and lights, the construction and demolition ...
    • Optimization and dust emissions analysis of the air jigging technology applied to the recycling of construction and demolition waste 

      Waskow, Regis P.; Dos Santos, Viviane L. G.; Ambrós, Weslei Monteiro; Hoffmann Sampaio, Carlos; Passuello, Ana; Tubino, Rejane Maria Candiota (2020-07-15)
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      This work aims to evaluate the use of the air jigging technique, a density-based separation technology commonly applied in mineral processing, to upgrade the quality of mixtures (density and geometric properties) that ...