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    • A hierarchic task-based programming model for distributed heterogeneous computing 

      Ejarque, Jorge; Dominguez, Marc; Badia Sala, Rosa Maria (SAGE Publications, 2019-05-01)
      Open Access
      Distributed computing platforms are evolving to heterogeneous ecosystems with Clusters, Grids and Clouds introducing in its computing nodes, processors with different core architectures, accelerators (i.e. GPUs, FPGAs), ...
    • Reusable Verification Environment for a RISC-V Vector Accelerator 

      Quiroga, Josue; Genovese, Roberto Ignacio; Díaz, Ivan; Yano, Henrique; Ali, Asif; Sommez, Nehir; Palomar Pérez, Óscar; JImenez, Victor; Rodriguez, Mario; Dominguez, Marc (Accellera Systems Initiative (Accellera), 2023)
      Conference lecture
      Open Access
      This paper presents a reusable verification environment developed for the verification of an academic RISC-V based vector accelerator that operates with long vectors. In order to be used across diverse projects, ...