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  • A note about the traceability properties of linear codes 

    Fernández Muñoz, Marcel; Cotrina Navau, Josep; Soriano Ibáñez, Miguel; Domingo, Neus (Springer, 2007)
    Conference report
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    We characterize the traceability properties of linear codes. It is well known that any code of length n and minimum distance d is a c-TA code if c 2¿<¿n/(n¿-¿d). In this paper, we show that a less restrictive condition can ...
  • Converse flexoelectricity yields large piezoresponse force microscopy signals in non-piezoelectric materials 

    Abdollahi Hosnijeh, Amir; Domingo, Neus; Arias Vicente, Irene; Catalan, Gustau (2019-03-20)
    Open Access
    Converse flexoelectricity is a mechanical stress induced by an electric polarization gradient. It can appear in any material, irrespective of symmetry, whenever there is an inhomogeneous electric field distribution. This ...