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    • Analysis of urban freight distribution measures 

      Sanz, Guillem; Pastor Moreno, Rafael; Benedito Benet, Ernest; Domenech, Bruno (2015-10-29)
      External research report
      Open Access
      Urban Freight Distribution (UFD) represents a very important activity in terms of cities economy, but can also be a problem for the daily life of citizens, due to traffic, noise and environmental contamination. ...
    • Off-grid community electrification projects based on wind and solar energies: A case study in Nicaragua 

      Ranaboldo, Matteo; Domenech, Bruno; Reyes, Gustavo Alberto; Ferrer Martí, Laia; Pastor Moreno, Rafael; García Villoria, Alberto (2015-07-01)
      Open Access
      Despite various institutional efforts, about 22% of the total Nicaraguan population still do not have access to electricity. Due to the dispersed nature of many rural inhabitants, off-grid electrification systems that use ...