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    • Congruences between modular forms 

      Fernández Peña, Oriol (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2018-07)
      Master thesis
      Open Access
      This master s thesis is intended to give a presentation of the theory of congruences between the Fourier coecients of modular forms. In order to do that we introduce the reader to the basic theory of modular forms from the ...
    • Modular symbols 

      Gispert Sánchez, Francesc-Xavier (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2016-05)
      Bachelor thesis
      Open Access
      Modular forms are holomorphic functions defined on the complex upper half-plane which transform in a certain way under the action of a group of matrices. Alternatively, they can be thought of as differential forms on a ...
    • Nonuniform Fuchsian codes for noisy channels 

      Blanco Chacón, Iván; Remón Adell, Dionís; Hollanti, Camilla; Alsina Aubach, Montserrat (2014-11-01)
      Open Access
      We develop a new transmission scheme for additive white Gaussian noisy (AWGN) channels based on Fuchsian groups from rational quaternion algebras. The structure of the proposed Fuchsian codes is nonlinear and nonuniform, ...
    • Numerical Study of 2D Vertical Axis Wind and Tidal Turbines with a Degree-Adaptive Hybridizable Discontinuous Galerkin Method 

      Villardi de Montlaur, Adeline de; Giorgiani, Giorgio (2015)
      Part of book or chapter of book
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      The book encompasses novel CFD techniques to compute offshore wind and tidal applications. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) techniques are regarded as the main design tool to explore the new engineering challenges ...
    • Stark points and p-adic iterated integrals attached to modular forms of weight one 

      Darmon, Henri; Lauder, Alan; Rotger Cerdà, Víctor (Cambridge University Press, 2015-01-01)
      Open Access
      Let be an elliptic curve over , and let and be odd two-dimensional Artin representations for which is self-dual. The progress on modularity achieved in recent decades ensures the existence of normalized eigenforms , , and ...
    • Stark points and the Hida-Rankin p-adic L-function 

      Casazza, Daniele; Rotger Cerdà, Víctor (2018-02)
      Open Access
      This article is devoted to the elliptic Stark conjecture formulated by Darmon (Forum Math Pi 3:e8, 2015), which proposes a formula for the transcendental part of a p-adic avatar of the leading term at s=1 of the Hasse–Weil–Artin ...