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  • A two dimensional KTiOPO4 photonic crystal grown using a macroporous silicon template 

    Peña Revellez, Alexandra; Finizio, Sergio Di; Todorov Trifonov, Trifon; Carvajal, Joan Josep; Aguiló Díaz, Magdalena; Pallarès Marzal, Josep; Rodríguez Martínez, Ángel; Alcubilla González, Ramón; Marsal Garví, Lluís Francesc; Diaz, Francesc; Martorell Pena, Jordi (2006-09)
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    2D KTiOPO4 photonic crystals are fabricated using a silicon membrane of air holes as a template. Columns of KTiOPO4 are grown by liquid-phase epitaxy from a substrate into such air holes. The crystallographic orientation ...
  • Influence of acid-base properties of calcined MgAl and CaAl layered double hydroxides on the catalytic glycerol etherification to short-chain polyglycerols 

    Perez Barrado, Elena; Cinta Pujol, Maria; Aguilo, Magdalena; Llorca Piqué, Jordi; Cesteros, Yolanda; Diaz, Francesc; Pallarès Marzal, Josep; Marsal Garví, Lluis; Salagre, Pilar (2015-03-15)
    Open Access
    Several MgAl-LDHs (HT) and CaAl-LDHs (HC) were synthesized in different conditions and later calcined at 723 K, resulting in catalysts (cHT and cHC), with different acid base properties. Calcined samples were tested in the ...