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  • Analysis of perturbations and station-keeping requirements in highly-inclined geosynchronous orbits 

    Fantino, Elena; Flores Le Roux, Roberto Maurice; Di Salvo, Alessio; Di Carlo, Marilena (2015)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    There is a demand for communications services at high latitudes that is not well served by conventional geostationary satellites. Alternatives using low-altitude orbits require too large constellations. Other options are ...
  • Geosynchronous inclined orbits for high-latitude communications 

    Fantino, Elena; Flores Le Roux, Roberto Maurice; Di Carlo, Marilena; Di Salvo, Alessio; Cabot Soler, Elisenda (2017-11-01)
    Open Access
    We present and discuss a solution to the growing demand for satellite telecommunication coverage in the high-latitude geographical regions (beyond 55°N), where the signal from geostationary satellites is limited or ...