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    • Big data deployment in containerized infrastructures through the interconnection of network namespaces 

      Sauvanaud, Carla; Dholakia, Ajay; Guitart Fernández, Jordi; Kim, Chulho; Mayes, Peter (2020-01-27)
      Open Access
      Big Data applications tackle the challenge of fast handling of large streams of data. Their performance is not only dependent on the data frameworks implementation and the underlying hardware but also on the deployment ...
    • Scanflow: an end-to-end agent-based autonomic ML workflow manager for clusters 

      Liu, Peini; Bravo Rocca, Gusseppe Jesus; Guitart Fernández, Jordi; Dholakia, Ajay; Ellison, David; Hodak, Miroslav (Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), 2021)
      Conference lecture
      Open Access
      Machine Learning (ML) is more than just training models, the whole life-cycle must be considered. Once deployed, a ML model needs to be constantly managed, supervised and debugged to guarantee its availability, validity ...