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    • Directionality models from ground motions of Italy 

      Pinzón, Luis A.; Pujades Beneit, Lluís; Hidalgo Leiva, D.A.; Díaz, Sergio Alberto (2018-09)
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      Directionality effects on the expected strong ground motion in Italy are investigated. After a brief description of the directionality effect and the intensity measures involved, a wide Italian database of strong ground ...
    • Do directionality effects influence expected damage? A case study of the 2017 central Mexico earthquake 

      Pinzón, Luis A.; Pujades Beneit, Lluís; Díaz, Sergio Alberto; Alva Bañuelos, Rodrigo Esteban (2018-10)
      Open Access
      We analyze the case of a building that collapsed in a multifamily complex of Tlalpan borough in Mexico City during the 19 September 2017 Central Mexico earthquake. Despite having similar materials and similar structural ...
    • New capacity and energy based damage index 

      Díaz, Sergio Alberto; Pujades Beneit, Lluís; Barbat Barbat, Horia Alejandro; Vargas Alzate, Yeudy Felipe; González Drigo, José Ramón; Alva Bañuelos, Rodrigo Esteban (2018)
      Conference report
      Open Access
      Non-linear dynamic analysis and the damage index of Park-Ang have been often used to assess expected seismic damage to a structure. Depending on the size of the structure and the duration of the record, the computational ...