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    • Anàlisi digital d'imatges de formes eritrocitàries anòmales 

      Pladevall Viladecans, Clara (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2017-06)
      Bachelor thesis
      Restricted access - author's decision
      Un total de 300.000 nens neixen cada any al món amb una hemoglobinopatia major, inclosa l’Hemoglobinopatia S (HbS), que constitueix una de les alteracions genètiques més freqüents en determinats països. Aquesta alteració ...
    • Network architecture and essential features for 5G: the SESAME project approach 

      Goratti, Leonardo; Costa, Cristina E.; Pérez Romero, Jordi; Sallent Roig, Oriol; Ruiz, Cristina; Betzler, August; Sayyad Khodashenas, Pouria; Vahid, Seiamak; Nasr, Karim; Abubakar, Babangida; Whitehead, Alan; Belesioti, Maria; Chochliouros, Ioannis (Springer, 2016)
      Conference report
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      The outstanding and continuous growth of the request of mobile broadband Internet access is creating the unprecedented need to rethink most of the design paradigms of the mobile network. Such trend is accompanied by ...
    • Reentry produced by small-scale heterogeneities in a discrete model of cardiac tissue 

      Alonso Muñoz, Sergio; Bär, Markus (2014)
      Conference report
      Open Access
      Reentries are reexcitations of cardiac tissue after the passing of an excitation wave which can cause dangerous arrhythmias like tachycardia or life-threatening heart failures like fibrillation. The heart is formed by ...
    • Small cells deployment in TV white spaces with neighborhood cooperation 

      Bogucka, Hanna; Pérez Romero, Jordi (2014)
      Conference lecture
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      In this paper, we consider allocation of spectrum resources in the so-called TV White Spaces (TVWS) to small cells for their realistic deployment based on first-come, first-served principle. Three allocation rules are ...
    • Softwarized LTE self-backhauling solution and its evaluation 

      Gamboa Jimenez, Gonzalo; Demirkol, Ilker Seyfettin (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2018)
      Conference report
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      Long Term Evolution (LTE) is projected to be the mostly used mobile technology before 2020, thanks to the high data rates, all IP-based and simplified architecture it brings compared to previous mobile network technologies. ...
    • Theoretical and Experimental Study of AM and FM Molecular Communications 

      Pérez Laka, Iván (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2011-05-06)
      Master thesis (pre-Bologna period)
      Open Access
      Covenantee:   New Jersey Institute of Technology
      Català: En el mètode de senyalització intercel·lular paracrina, les cèl·lules biològiques (emissors) secreten molècules al medi fluídic que les envolta. Les molècules secretades difonen en el medi (canal de comunicacions) ...
    • Transportation conditions for prompt use of Ex Vivo expanded and freshly harvested clinical-grade bone marrow mesenchymal stromal/stem cells for bone regeneration 

      Varonesi, E; Murgia, A; Caselli, A; Grisendi, G; Piccinno, M.S; Rasini, V; Giordano, Roberto; Montemurro, T; Bourin, P; Sensebe, L; Rojewski, M.T; Schrezenmeier, H; Layrolle, P; Ginebra Molins, Maria Pau; Penaitescu, C.B; Gomez Barrena, E; Catani, F; Paolucci, P; Burns, J.S; Dominici, M (2014-03)
      Restricted access - publisher's policy
      Covenantee:   Inserm
      Successful preliminary studies have encouraged a more translational phase for stem cell research. Nevertheless, advances in the culture of human bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stromal/stem cells (hBM-MSC) and osteoconductive ...