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  • Introducing hygiene elements into sanitation monitoring 

    Craven, Joanne; Giné Garriga, Ricard; Jiménez Fernández de Palencia, Alejandro; Pérez Foguet, Agustí (2013)
    Conference lecture
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    With the 2015 Millenium Development Goal deadline approaching, discussion has turned to how to improve monitoring strategies post-2015. Key aims are to find ways to include hygiene behaviour in sanitation monitoring, ...
  • The sanitation ladder: main challenges in monitoring access to sanitation 

    Craven, Joanne (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2012-07)
    Minor thesis
    Open Access
    Sanitation (the separation of human beings from our excreta) is an often-neglected aspect of public health which brings substantial health and socioeconomic benefits. In last decade, sanitation has begun to receive more ...